ABOUT Made by mitchell

Made By Mitchell focuses on making products for the make-up enthusiasts, for the make-up adicts and for the self-expressionists. Mitchells love of color has been the driving force behind every project he’s done to date, and it didn’t stop there. Mitchell‘s knowledge and experience has enabled him to create color combinations that are unparalleled, conventional and a must-have for your makeup addiction.

Made By Mitchell, was founded in 2020 but has been in the making for the past four years. Every step has led to this moment, Mitchell has learned through various collaborations what works, what doesn’t and above all what is necessary.

– I can’t wait to take you on this journey with me, a journey of inspiration, self-expression and unifying our community one makeup look at a time.-

When you buy anything from this brand, be it a palette, a blush or a mirror, I want you to know that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE and that you have fun on YOUR journey because it’s all yours and no one can tell you that decrease more.

So here it is, finally, something that’s all mine, but sharing is caring, hey?

“Let’s go, your future is Made By You.”

Created by Mitchell, Made by Mitchell

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