ABOUT get stonned

Caution - when rocking Get Stonned be prepared to turn heads!
Caution - when rocking Get Stonned be prepared to turn heads!

Rhinestones always have been apart of our founder, Megs, life. Growing up a s competitive dancer Megs used rhinestones regularly and sparingly. The use of the word sparingly as rhinestones were quite expensive and something her mother was only able to affort so many of while others had stonned out everything.

“Mabye this brand is a tribute to my younger self wishes i had- Megs” 

As an early adult Megs came across a affordable rhinestone vendor and keep them in her kit for personal use. One memory she has is going to raves and people asking why there glitter didnt looked like hers. Welp. It wasnt glitter, it were ston(n)es. Fast forward to adult Megs was traveling the world as a Pro Mua, she brought back her love for ston(n)es on her clients and noticed there reactions where epic! Along came HBO Euphoria and the kick for affordable high quality stones where no where to be found, Megs knew she could fill that gap. In 2020 Get Stonned made their first introduction and had a full Coachella sponsorships within the month. And then the pandemic started and pushed all that.. one person only, Megs has found a way and pushed through and find her way in the makeup/festival community.

A little of two years later Get Stonned has been seen on Arianda Grande, Camillo Cabello, Lizzo, Patrick Ta and many more! Get Stonned also made a huge appearence on HBO Euphoria thanks to head MU, Donni Davy.

Get Stonned has been featured in Voque, Harpers Bazaar, Seventeen and Allure.