There are many beauty brands that claim to be vegan or not tested on animals, but that doesn’t always mean being cruelty free.

At Gasm cosmetics, we believe that looking good doesn’t have to feel bad, so we’ve worked with our manufacturers to ensure all our products are vegan, cruelty free and ethically sourced.

Gasm cosmetics do not use mink in their products – “mink hair belongs in our opinion on the mink, not on your lashes”. We use high-quality synthetic lashes that mimic the look and feel of mink to ensure you can wear over your lashes with a clear conscience.

At Gasm cosmetics we know where our products come from, we work closely with our manufacturers. We do this so that buyers can remain reassured about quality, ingredients and safety.
We work with cruelty-free ingredients – none of our products are tested on animals, which means you can enjoy Gasm cosmetics, cruelty free and vegan beauty products.
None of Gasm cosmetics products contain animal extras – there are no animal by-products in our range. This means no beeswax, milk, egg whites, honey, lanolin, collagen, dyes made from animal products, snail or horsehair (just to name a few of the most common non-vegan cosmetic ingredients).

“At Gasm Cosmetics, we never fake it (only our lashes) – you can trust us when we tell you that our range of cosmetics is all 100% vegan and cruelty free. Take a look at our range of vegan cosmetics, we won’ t tell!”


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