Beauty can feel like an exclusive world. Danessa Myricks Beauty is based on the principle that race, gender, age and personal style should not restrict anyone from experimenting with makeup and discovering their signature look. When Danessa launched Danessa Myricks Beauty, Danessa reinvented what makeup can be and developed innovative multi-purpose products that work anywhere on any face. Danessa Myricks Beauty quality products give both makeup artists and consumers the freedom to play off the beaten track.

“As a self-taught artist with limited resources, I had to get creative with the products I had access to.”

Danessa Myricks

-Self-Taught. Makeup Artist. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Founder. Mother. Black woman.-

In a world focused on labels, Danessa Myricks has continuously pushed boundaries and built a world of beauty for people of all races, ages and genders.
Starting out as a self-taught makeup artist, Danessa learned how to use products in unconventional ways to create stunning looks. Ignoring industry standards, she began teaching other artists about her techniques and product selections, making a name for herself in the beauty world. After turning heads at some of the biggest brands, Danessa led product development for some of the most successful launches in history at brands like KISS and Benefit Cosmetics. But she knew that the world of makeup still felt exclusive to many, so she decided to launch her own brand, Danessa Myricks Beauty.

Each product developed by Danessa and her team is not designed for just one application. All Danessa Myricks Beauty products are multi-purpose and made to work on multiple places and on all faces. Combining artistic artistry with product manipulation, she designs and launches some of the highest quality products on the market.

Danessa has created looks for celebrities, collaborated with entertainers in music and film, and collaborated with other brands and artists to advance the beauty industry. She educates makeup artists and enthusiasts worldwide and continues to create some of the most innovative and inclusive beauty products on the market. But the most rewarding part of her job is hearing from people who felt underrepresented, unseen, or ignored by beauty brands who eventually end up with a brand made for everyone, Danessa Myricks Beauty.

-“Over the years I have learned how to create stunning looks by using products in unconventional ways. When I launched my own brand, I knew I didn’t want to do what everyone else was doing. I wanted everyone to do it.” felt that they had found a brand that represented them and gave them the freedom to enjoy makeup.I love that no one else makes products like we do, and we will constantly strive to innovate in the field of beauty.”-

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