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Soap was used in Hollywood in the 1960s and it is also not an unknown trick among make-up artists. The soap makes your eyebrows look optically fuller and it provides more definition.

Bushy Browsoap’s soap contains a high percentage of glycerine. Not only does this panacea have the unique ability to moisturize, but it also keeps your brows in place all day long! Because you want to shine with your fleeky eyebrows all day, right?

Can you use any bar of soap as eyebrow soap? Yes, that’s possible. However, this is not really recommended, because many soaps contain chemicals and substances that are very aggressive to the skin. Its use can lead to irritation, dehydration and allergic reactions. Of course we don’t want this! Since eyebrow soap is applied around the eye area, Bushy Browsoap has been specially developed to be as friendly as possible to the skin. Because the last thing we want is an allergic reaction in your face.

Bushy Browsoap is therefore 100% natural and free of irritating and drying agents such as parabens, SLS and SLES.

Of course, not everyone is blessed with eyebrows like Cara Delevingne. No worries, Bushy Browsoap can also give your eyebrows more definition with less full eyebrows. You may have to cheat a bit, but hey, Bushy Browsoap is for everyone with eyebrows! Whether you are blessed with a full forest or need to lend nature a hand.


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